This blog integrates my passions of reading, writing and learning. Every time I read, I learn something new that stimulates me and writing it down soothes my restless mind!

Overall theme of this blog is learning and sharing knowledge. It is targeted towards inquisitive folks and thinkers who like to explore concepts beyond their own discipline and who like to learn more about the complex world and human life. As such the blog does not follow any specific genre nor is it intended to be a literary masterpiece. I am not an expert in the topics discussed either. All I hope is that my posts can spark some new ideas and perspectives. Also, I would love for the readers to comment and share their own insights about the topics because knowledge grows with sharing. I read a post on Reader’s Digest recently that resonated a lot with me and I am sure it would with several of you: the dilemma of reading is that the more you read, the more you realize there is so much you haven’t read! I believe the same applies to learning.

I have always loved sharing my thoughts via writing and this blog has been around since September 2011. However, the blog has evolved over time. In March 2018, I redesigned the website to what it looks like presently. The intent is to create some more focus, structure and regularity around what I write.

In terms of content, the website is now organized under following sections –

  • Blog: Contains regular posts based on the new things that I learn
  • Specials: Contains one-off posts
  • Archives: Contains older blog posts, even those from the earlier version of my blog called Serenity
  • Contact Me: Reach out to me with anything on your mind 🙂 Feel free to share any feedback (you can choose to be anonymous if you like!)

Happy reading!




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