This blog integrates my passions of reading, writing and learning.

Of the countless things that I read, watch, hear or experience, there are few that catch my fancy. That is what I want to share through this blog. I want to write about what fascinates me, what holds my attention in everyday life.

I have always loved writing and this blog has been around since September 2011. However, the blog has evolved over time. In March 2018, I redesigned the website to what it looks like presently. The intent is to create some more focus, structure and regularity around what I write.

In terms of content, the website is now organized under following sections –

  • Blog: Contains regular posts based on the new things that I learn
  • Specials: Contains one-off posts
  • Archives: Contains older blog posts, even those from the earlier version of my blog called Serenity
  • Contact Me: Reach out to me with anything on your mind 🙂 Feel free to share any feedback (you can choose to be anonymous if you like!)

Happy reading!




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