Beauty of Words

We all heard Amanda Gorman yesterdayHer words, poise and beautyCould escape none of usIn this time of too muchWhen we have been seeking nothingnessHer grace lifted our numb mindsFrom the chasm of despairInto a hopeful worldInspiring millionsWith all but a few words. Amanda has been a dose of optimism and reminded us of the magic … Continue reading Beauty of Words

Work and Life

What importance should one assign to work? What is the ideal "work-life" balance? Perhaps many have been thinking of this especially as life hit a momentary pause with the pandemic situation. I have heard of people being impacted by layoffs, demotivation, disengagement and long hours. At the same time, many also found time to reinvent … Continue reading Work and Life

Changing the world in small steps

Amid constant chatter across plethora of media platforms about a gazillion worldly issues, there are some voices that stand out. One of them was Hasan Minhaj. I feel that his show, Patriot Act had a large influence particularly on the urban, progressive-leaning youth like me. While I read about sweat shops and labor exploitation in … Continue reading Changing the world in small steps