Favourite romantic verses in Bollywood songs

Today, music gives the edge to most songs. Even so for Bollywood. However, there are some amazing songs that not only have brilliant music but also beautiful lyrics, eternally romantic. Also, in the entire song, there are few select lines that you get addicted to and want to listen repeatedly. Here are my favourite lines from 12 Bollywood numbers (mostly recent, one old). Have also posted translations too for each. Do add on your favourites in the comments 🙂

*not all translations are original!!

1. Pakeezah (Ungli)

O Pakeezah re, naino se ye dil gira re, ab dil me tu hi ghira re
Baatein teri lab pehne to, labon se kayi sajde ho
Ishq tera mera Rab se zyaada, tujhse hi ye chaah hai pakeezah
Hashr mera tu ibteda, uns tera tu jaavedaan, ho zindagi kuch nahi tere bina

When you see me, my heart melts, now it’s just you in my heart
If my lips talk about you, they would worship you again and again
Your and my love, it’s purer than God himself, isn’t it?
It’s pure because of you, this love, pure love
You are the beginning of my destruction (making me weak), my love for you is never-ending, my life is nothing without you


2. Chandaniya (2 States)

Tujh bin suraj mein aag nahi re, tujh bin koyal mein raag nahi re
Jism ye kya hai, khokhli seepi, rooh da moti hai tu
Mere saare bikhre suron se geet piroti hai tu,
O Mahiya! Tere sitam, tere karam, dono lutere lagde ne

Without you, there’s no fire in the sun, no tune in the singing birds’ songs
The body is just a hollow shell, the pearl of my soul is you
You make a song out of my unfinished melodies
O beloved, your tortures and your kindness, both have robbed me (of my senses)


3. Yeh Tune Kya Kia (Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobaara)

Saari duniya se jeet ke main aaya hoon idhar, tere aage hi main haara, main dil ka raaz kehta hoon, ke jab jab saansein leta hoon, tera hi naam leta hoon, yeh tune kya kia…

Jaane kaun hai tu meri, main naa jaanu ye magar
Jahaan jaaun main karoon main wahaan, tera hi zikar

I have won over the world (in the evil games of love) and come here, but I’ve lost myself to you. With every breath I take your name. What is it that you have done to me?

I do not know what relation you hold with me, but wherever I go, I tend to talk only about you


4. Shaam (Aisha)

Sham bhi koi jaise hai nadi, lehar lehar jaise beh rahi hai
Koi ankahi, koi ansuni, baat dheemi dheemi keh rahi hai
Kahin na kahin jaagi hui hai koi aarzoo, kahin na kahin khoye hue se hain main aur tu
Hai khaamosh dono, hai madhosh dono
Jo gummsum gummsum hai yeh fizayein
Jo kehti sunti hai yeh nigahein

Suhani suhani hai yeh kahani, jo khamoshi sunaati hai
Jise tune chaha hoga woh tera, mujhe woh yeh batati hai
Main magan hoon par na jaanu, kab aane wala hai woh pal
Jab haule haule dheere dheere, khilega dil ka yeh kamal

Yeh kaisa samay hai, kaisa sama hai, ke shaam hai pighal rahi
Yeh sab kuch haseen hai, sab kuch jawan hai
Hai zindagi machal rahi, jagmagati jilmilati, palak palak pe khwaab hai

The evening is flowing like a river, wave after wave. It is slowly telling some unheard and unspoken things. Somewhere, some desire is growing, where you and I are lost – silent and intoxicated, where the atmosphere is serene, where the eyes speak and hear.

This tale that silence tells is very pleasant. It says that whom I love is mine. I am engrossed but I do not know when will that moment come for me when slowly my heart will blossom.

What kind of a time and era is this, that the evening is melting? Everything is beautiful and lively, life is dancing and there are twinkling dreams on my eyelids.


5. Khabar Nahi (Dostana)

Kis taraf hai aasmaan, kis taraf zameen khabar nahi, jab se aya hai sanam, mujhko khudki bhi khabar nahi
Jaane kab kaha kaise, tere ho gaye kaise, hum toh sochte hi reh gaye, aur pyaar ho gaya
Mere khwaab dil saasein, milke kho gaye aise, tujhko dekhke aisa toh kai baar ho gaya
Tu kahe, dil yeh tera hi rahe, aur kya kahoon khabar nahi khabar nahi…

I do not know where the sky or the land is, do not even know myself, since the time you have come into my life. I kept thinking about when, where and how did I become yours and I fell in love.

My dreams, heart and breath: I found them and then they again got lost. Seeing you, this has happened so many times.

If you say, this heart of mine will be yours. What else should I say, I do not know, do not know…


6. Rang Sharbaton Ka – Arijit Singh Version (Phata Poster Nikla Hero)

Mai na jahan chahoon, naa aasma chahu, aaja hisse me tu mere
Chahoge tum jaisa, ho jaunga waise, chaho toh vaada yeh lelo

I desire neither the world nor the skies, if you are mine
It’s my promise that I’ll transform however you like


7. Mann Mera (Table No. 21)

Kabhi chup chup rahe, kabhi gaaya yeh kare, bin puche teri taareefe sunaya yeh kare
Hai koi haqeeqat tu ya koi fasana hai, kuchh jaane agar to itna ke ye tera deewana hai re, mann mera

TRANSLATION: Sometimes it remains quiet, sometimes it sings, it tells good things about you without even asking, whether you’re some truth or a fiction (it doesn’t know) all it knows is that it’s mad for you, this heart of mine.


8. Raabta (Agent Vinod)

Tera milna hai us rab ka ishara maano, mujh ko banaya tere jaise hi kisi ke liye, kuch toh hai raabta

Meeting you has been God’s signal that I have been created for a person like you. There is definitely some connection


9. Khuda Jaane (Bachna Ae Haseeno)

Sajde mein yun hi jhukta hoon, tum pe hi aa ke rukta hoon, kya yeh sab ko hota hai
Hum ko kya lena hai sab se, tumse hi sab baatein ab se, ban gaye ho tum meri dua
Khuda jaane ke, mein fida hun, khuda jaane mein mit gaya, khuda jaane yeh, kyun hua hai, ke ban gaye ho tum mere khuda… ke tum pe marr ke mein toh jee gaya

I bow in prayer without any reason, I come and stop only by you, does this happen with everyone (in love)?
But what have we to do with others? Now every conversation is with you, you are now my prayer.
I have become obsessed in love now, my identity has been wiped off. God knows why this is happening, you have become my Lord…I keep myself alive by sacrificing myself to you


10. Tum Ho Toh (Rock On!)

Tum ho toh, gaata hai dil, tum nahi, toh geet kaha
Tum ho toh, hai sab haasil, tum nahi toh kya hai yaha
Tum ho toh hai, sapno ke jaisa haseen ek samaa

If you are there, my heart sings. If you are not there, then how can there be a song at all?If you are there, everything is achieved. If you are not there, then there is nothing.
If you are there, then the time is as delightful as dreams.


11. Abhi Kuch Dino Se (Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji)

Abhi kuch dino se main sochta hoon ki dil ki thodi si sunn loon
Koi raaz kambhakt hai chhupaye, khuda hi jaane ki kya hai,
Hai dilpe shakk mera, isse pyaar ho gaya

Mann ke shehar, chal raat bhar, tu aur main toh musafir bhatakte hum phire
Chal raaste, jahan le chale, sapno ke, phir teri aahon mein thak ke hum gire
Koi pyaar ki, tarkeeb ho, nuske koi jo sikhaaye toh hum bhi seekh le
Yeh pyaar hai, rehta kahan, koi humse kahe uss se jaa ke pooch le

Now since a few days, I am thinking that I should listen to my heart
The damned heart has some secret hidden, God knows what
I have a doubt that it’s in love

Walk in the city of the heart all night long, you and I, we both become travellers, and roam around
Let’s go wherever the roads lead us and then I’ll tire and fall into your arms
May there be some formula of love, if someone teaches the right ways, then I will learn the nuances
Where does this love reside, if someone tells me, then I will go and ask him in person



12. Taareef Karu Kya Uski  (Kashmir Ki Kali, 1964)

Yeh chandsa roshan chehra, zulfon ka rang sunehra, yeh jheel si neeli ankhen, koi raaz hai inme gehra
Hai chaal mein teri zaalim, kuch aisi bala ka jaadu, sau baar sambhala dilko, par ho ke raha bekabu
Tu balkhati ek nadiya, har mauj teri angdaayee, jo in maujo mein dooba, usne hi yeh duniya payi
Taarif karun kya uski jisne tumhe banaya

Your face is glowing like the moon, hair is golden, eyes are blue like a lake, got some deep mystery in them
There is, in your conduct, O merciless, the wizardry of such wrath, that though I have tried over a hundred times to resist, but my heart is uncontrollable
You are a bubbling and ever flowing river, and the one who drowns in these waves is the only one who has attained the joys of the world.
Oh what praise shall I offer to the one who has created you!



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