Ideas for more reading

It is a new year and I am again at a point assessing my book reading habits. How do I get better over the next year, how do I read more?

For me, the primary issue is that I tend to get stuck halfway through a book and then reaching that last chapter keeps getting delayed..due to the loss of flow. Also, in the meantime, I start discovering other interesting books and then the current one almost becomes a drag – something that I need to finish before I start the next one. But I got some good ideas about how to read multiple books simultaneously from an online article.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, then you’ll like the following article –

It made me question my goal of reading books as a target number. At a minimum, I want to flip through all the books that have caught my fancy and then think of completing them.








3 thoughts on “Ideas for more reading

  1. raunaksoni says:

    Even I read this article today and liked some ideas conveyed here.
    This one’s good that you posted this on your blog so that many readers can harp on its benefits.



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