How my understanding of communication skills evolved

  Communication skills has long been a revered subject. It is said that communication skills are vital to success in life. Most careers today demand strong communication skills. As a result, kids are encouraged to hone their communication skills right from the early days through elocutions, debate competitions and the like. I attended an "english … Continue reading How my understanding of communication skills evolved


On vulnerability

As we grow older, we pick several social cues that teach us vulnerability is a weakness. From my experiences, more competitive the enviroment, stronger is the message. Generally, vulnerability is seen as less resilience. Learning more about psychology and human behavior over last few years and working in HR now, I have started seeing vulnerability … Continue reading On vulnerability

Ideas for more reading

It is a new year and I am again at a point assessing my book reading habits. How do I get better over the next year, how do I read more? For me, the primary issue is that I tend to get stuck halfway through a book and then reaching that last chapter keeps getting … Continue reading Ideas for more reading