Changing the world in small steps

Amid constant chatter across plethora of media platforms about a gazillion worldly issues, there are some voices that stand out. One of them was Hasan Minhaj. I feel that his show, Patriot Act had a large influence particularly on the urban, progressive-leaning youth like me. While I read about sweat shops and labor exploitation in … Continue reading Changing the world in small steps

Pandemic and introversion

The pandemic has forced all of us to pause our life for a bit. It gave us a rare chance to rethink almost every aspect of our life. More than ever, it put us in a situation where we explored our relationship with self. It may have driven many people crazy but on the other … Continue reading Pandemic and introversion

Journey through social media

I forayed into the world of social media with Yahoo messenger and Orkut. Whenever I think of them, the exciting, funny and cute teenage memories replay in my mind. Reaching out to that popular kid or confessing your crush required a little less bravery with these platforms. It was exhilarating for sure. The tech industry … Continue reading Journey through social media