Journey through social media

I forayed into the world of social media with Yahoo messenger and Orkut. Whenever I think of them, the exciting, funny and cute teenage memories replay in my mind. Reaching out to that popular kid or confessing your crush required a little less bravery with these platforms. It was exhilarating for sure. The tech industry … Continue reading Journey through social media

The past decade for me

Every once in a while, humans need some form of external motivation to refresh and edit parts of their lives. On that note, a new decade seems to be particularly interesting. We reflect and continue our journey with new hopes and fears. In 2010, I don't think my maturity levels allowed me to introspect. I … Continue reading The past decade for me

How my understanding of communication skills evolved

When you think of self-improvement, communication skills are often on the list. It is said that good communication skills are vital to success in life. Flourishing workshops, articles and self-help books stress the importance of good body language, pacing, volume, enunciation, elevator speeches, storytelling, presentations, networking and so on. Just like most people, I too … Continue reading How my understanding of communication skills evolved