How my understanding of communication skills evolved

  Communication skills has long been a revered subject. It is said that communication skills are vital to success in life. Most careers today demand strong communication skills. As a result, kids are encouraged to hone their communication skills right from the early days through elocutions, debate competitions and the like. I attended an "english … Continue reading How my understanding of communication skills evolved


Critic vs Player

In one of the recent employee Q&As at Microsoft, Satya Nadella spoke something which struck me. Imagine an intense football game. This time you are not an audience but rather a player in the sidelines. You may be called into the game any moment. In this case, your mind will be focussed on how to … Continue reading Critic vs Player

Psychographics and Facebook

Psychographics was certainly a new concept for me when I heard it today on "The Daily: The Data Harvesters" podcast by New York Times. It is a really fascinating use of data analytics. A basic google search yields that it is "the study and classification of people according to their attitudes, aspirations, and other psychological … Continue reading Psychographics and Facebook