Minimalism is a trending style, I believe majorly in the world of design. Little did I consider it as a way of living though. In my mind, that corresponded to an extreme ascetic life. But not long ago, this concept captured my interest. I moved across lot of geographies over the last few years and … Continue reading Minimalism

On Thanksgiving..remembering my mentors

I like the concept of Thanksgiving holiday that is celebrated in US. From my life experiences so far, I have feel that being grateful brings a lot of optimism. This Thanksgiving, in addition to being thankful to my close family and friends, I feel particularly grateful to my amazing mentors who shared their valuable learnings … Continue reading On Thanksgiving..remembering my mentors

Being selective in the information age

As I transitioned through school, college and work life, I have been learning an important skill -  being selective of what information I consume. When I was in school, we had limited resources to acquire information from – popular books, magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias. It took quite a bit of effort to get our hands on … Continue reading Being selective in the information age