On vulnerability

As we grow older, we pick several social cues that teach us vulnerability is a weakness. From my experiences, more competitive the enviroment, stronger is the message. Generally, vulnerability is seen as less resilience. Learning more about psychology and human behavior over last few years and working in HR now, I have started seeing vulnerability … Continue reading On vulnerability


Psychographics and Facebook

Psychographics was certainly a new concept for me when I heard it today on "The Daily: The Data Harvesters" podcast by New York Times. It is a really fascinating use of data analytics. A basic google search yields that it is "the study and classification of people according to their attitudes, aspirations, and other psychological … Continue reading Psychographics and Facebook

Reprogramming the brain

I worked for a non-profit that focused on creating awareness on emotional intelligence, a subject that is garnering lot of attention these days. Started by a neurologist, this project introduced me to a term called neuroplasticity, which broadly means rewiring the brain or tricking the brain into thinking a certain way. This has been a … Continue reading Reprogramming the brain