Work and Life

What importance should one assign to work? What is the ideal "work-life" balance? Perhaps many have been thinking of this especially as life hit a momentary pause with the pandemic situation. I have heard of people being impacted by layoffs, demotivation, disengagement and long hours. At the same time, many also found time to reinvent … Continue reading Work and Life

Making sense

While making sense of the world Several thoughts flutter my mind I cannot find enough words to describe them. Are my senses numb Or is it simply too hard to express? Finding answers to some questions is tough, endless even That is perhaps the journey of life. Often, I find myself changing the questions themselves. … Continue reading Making sense


In my last blog post, I mentioned that I plan to write about my learnings over the past few years. Previously, I wrote about being authentic. In this one, I want to write about virtues for work. My first stint in the professional world was an internship in an investment bank. As anybody familiar with … Continue reading Learnings…contd.